Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener Review


When you use some sharpeners to sharpen your pencil, you may find that the lead of the pencil often breaks and your pencil becomes shorter and shorter. Will you become discouraged, and do you think this is a bit wasteful?

Why does your pencil lead always break? In addition to the quality of the pencil itself, another important reason is that your pencil sharpener should also be of good quality

A friend recommended to me a Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener. My child said that this pencil sharpener is a great one and it is easy to use!

I asked them: "Why is it easy to use? What is the difference with other pencil sharpeners I bought?"  

They said: "The penceil won't break, even the pencils are from the Dollar store."


In fact, this pencil sharpener can be used for all regular pencils, but it also works greatly for colored pencils, you know when we sharpen a colored pencil, normally it is easy to broke.

My kids never care about what kind of pencil can be used and what can't. For them, as long as they can plugin the pencil to the sharpener, they will all put them in the sharpener, but the sharpener still works well.

Compared with other pencil sharpeners or electric pencil sharpeners, this pencil sharpener is more compact, especially suitable for children to carry to school.


This is the box that came with the pencil sharpener, and it can also hold a lot of pen scraps.


Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener

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