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Recently, my kitchen and bathroom need to be refurbished, and I need to buy things like Silicone and construction glue. For example, this one: Lepage Construction Adhesive.

In the past, I usually went to the local building materials store such as The HomeDepot to buy Silicone. I never thought that those things could be purchased from other places.

But this time, because of the covid-19 epidemic, shopping in stores was subject to various restrictions, so I suddenly wondered whether Amazon also sells those items?

I searched on Amazon and found a very interesting phenomenon: it turns out that those things are sold on Amazon's website, and the prices are almost the same as those of local stores, or even lower, and some of them are officially sold by Amazon, not third-party sellers. In addition, there is another advantage of buying from Amazon, that is, we have the opportunity to get free shipping.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, or the total price of your purchased items reaches a certain amount, you can get Amazon's free shipping: The FREE Shipping Threshold for Amazon is US$ 25 in US and CDN$ 35 in Canada

For example: LePage PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive 295 ml

I ordered three this time, see the photo below:

LePage PL Premium Construction Adhesive

Here are the prices I compared before buying:

Amazon HomeDepot
$6.74 + free shipping $6.77 + shipping fee
(Prime member or when total price is $35 in Canada or $25 in US) OR if you buy from local stores your car you will have gas cost + your time

The above construction adhesive is sold for $6.77 CAD in the Canadian local The HomeDepot store, and it is officially sold by Amazon on the Amazon website. The price is $6.74 CAD. After I placed the order, it was delivered the next day .

I am an Amazon Prime member, so I get free shipping, which is much better than driving to the store by myself, saving time and gas money.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, as we said earlier, if the total price of your purchases reaches $35 CAD, you can also get free shipping. If the price of your items is still less than $35, you can use SFiller website to find cheap items to make up the amount number.

In fact, not only the above construction adhesives, but all the other items you can buy locally Silicone, Adhesive, Construction Glue, etc, you can buy them on Amazon, and most of the prices are almost the same as the local shops.

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