Fly Ribbon Traps Flying Insects


We introduced how to kill ants which are on the ground, today we introduce a way to kill flying insects in the air.

When taiking about flies, many people think of fly swatters. We bought lots of Fly Swatter, but they will not last long. The reason is that we chase the flies and often break the swatter.

Using Fly Swatter is actually a convenient way for people to kill flies, but some people just don’t like to chase flies in the air, especially in places with small indoor space, We might break things up, and we may not be able to hit flies.

Some smart manufacturers have designed Electronic Insect Zapper to catch flies, mosquitoes and other insects, to let the bugs themselves to be caught. This method is obviously much smarter.

But electronic insect traps do not always meet people's needs. For example, someone needs to catch mainly large flies, but Electronic Insect Zappers often catch many extra small insects together. Another consideration is the price. A good electronic insect trap costs at least more than 50 Canadian dollars; also, how about if there is no power supply in the place where the flies are caught?

In fact, there is a simpler and more economical method of catching flies and insects. It does not need us to spend time chasing flies and it does not use electricity. Look at this product:


What is this? I was also confused at first. Maybe it is a popular thing but I don't know anyway, but there is a fly image is printed on the box. I know it must be related to the fly. Let us take a look at what is inside:


There are several stick-shaped things in the box, and they are weigh-light. There seems to be a small pushpin on one side of this thing and also a drawstring.


I try to first remove the pushpin, and then pull the red rope, something like this appears:


I have some questions: How to use this thing?

How the Fly Ribbion kills flies?

The drawn ribbon is very sticky. I then realized something: It is something like a sticky paper tape, which can be pulled out completely, and then tth flies and other flying insects would be stuck if they stay on the ribbon!

So the principle of this Fly Ribbon is to use the stickiness of glue. When flies and other flying insects fly on this tape, they will be stuck, achieving the purpose of being killed. Compared with other methods, this method is obviously more simple, practical and economical.


The pushpin is used to nail the Fly Ribbon tape to the wall, ceiling or other objects in order to hang the tape. The photo shows that I was sticking Fly Ribbon to the ceiling with tape because the thumbtacks cannot be nailed in my room ceiling, and seems that the smooth ceiling of the room is better with tape.

This type of Fly Ribbion fly tape needs us to consider a right place to hang, such as kitchens, garages, etc. are better than any other rooms. If you hang up at a place for several days and nothing happens, you need to change a place.

Attention, Thought this kind of Fly Ribbons is non-toxic, but please just don't let children reach to it. If you accidentally touch the skin, you can use Rubbing Alcohol to clean.

This Fly Ribbon is available in many local stores in North America, such as Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire. You can buy from loca store but you can also shop online. For example, This is a pack of 10, and the response is not bad

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