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We didn’t know that dry-erasable whiteboard markers have different colors, until one day my child saw other people’s dry-erase marker of different colors. "Yes, my classmate’s markers are Expo brand.", my kid said.

So I looked for markers of this Expo brand on the Internet. It turned out that Expo is a brand owned by the famous American Sanford Corp, which is the world's largest stationery manufacturer. The Sharpie markers that we often see are also from Sanford Corp.

Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase 12 Colored Markers

Expo dry erese markers 12pc - smartbuy365.com

Okay, after knowing this, I can shop with confidence. I generally select Amazon, because it has everything and Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in North America, so I can only choose it for most shopping.

The following is the actual item I received. From the outside viewing, the color of each pen is relatively bright. There are 12 markers in the box, that is, 12 colors. The colors that children need to draw on the whiteboard should be enough.

Expo dry erese markers 12pc - smartbuy365.com

The head of the marker I bought is square. It can draw thick lines or use the corners of the square head to draw thin lines, so I don’t have to buy thin whiteboard markers anymore. One pen can have multiple usage, it is very good!

Expo markers are all low odor, and use AP certified environmentally friendly non-toxic inks, without toxic side effects to the human body.

Expo dry erese markers 12pc - smartbuy365.com

How exactly about writing and drawing with Expo Dry Erase Marker?

After opening the package, the child grabbed the pen and started drawing crows. On the whole, the colors of the paintings are really brighter than ordinary whiteboard markers. Especially when we look from a distance, the difference between them is more obvious.

Expo dry erese markers 12pc - smartbuy365.com

I also tried it myself. My feeling is that the marker's ink can be smoothly out so I can write easily. It is easy to paint and then dry, and the colors are very bright. I can also clean them easily with a wiper.

Once my kid forgot to cover the Expo marker pen cap, we realized it until several hours later, but I could still use the marker normally.

Expo dry erese markers 12pc - smartbuy365.com

Regarding the purchase, you can first buy it at Walmart, Staple and other local stores, otherwise you can buy it online. As I said before, everyone’s shopping situation is different.

If you are buying online, I recommend Amazon. Please remember it is better you choose items that are sold by Amazon and shipped by Amazon.

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