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Have you ever encountered a problem: After using the cordless phone for a few years (some even a year), the voice of the cordless handle will become unclear, or there will be a lot of noise, or your call could be disconnected.

For example, Panasonic Cordless Phone, a common Panasonic cordless phone in Canada, below is one of the Panasonic models, which also has the above issue:

Panasonic Cordless Phone -

In fact, the quality of Panasonic cordless phones is quite good. Generally there are no quality problems, at least the Panasonic cordless phones I bought have never been repaired.

What caused the unclear or noisy voice of the cordless phone?

So what causes the problem we mentioned earlier? Is it really a design defect of Panasonic cordless phones? Or does this type of cordless phone have to be replaced after several years of use?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding of our cordless phones. It is not that the manufacturer deliberately designed the product to have a life span of only a few years, but because we do not understand it, or we did not carefully read the instruction manual. Causes the above-mentioned problem The main reason is: the service life of the rechargeable battery of the cordless phone handle has expired, and we need to replace the rechargeable battery in the cordless phone handle!

So, where is the rechargeable battery of the cordless phone handle? Let's look at the picture below. The back of the Panasonic cordless phone handle is where the battery is placed. We only need to open the battery cover to see the battery.

Panasonic Cordless Phone Batteries -

Therefore, the solution to the problem we mentioned earlier is very simple. It is nothing more than buying the rechargeable battery of the Panasonic cordless phone and replacing the old rechargeable battery.

We can go to a local store to buy rechargeable batteries for Panasonic cordless phones, of course, we can also buy them online, perhaps it is more convenient, and the price of rechargeable batteries for Panasonic cordless phones is not expensive.

Is it possible to use other brands of rechargeable batteries to replace the batteries of Panasonic phones? It's up to you. As long as the voltage, the current and the battery type are matched, it is possible that other brands of batteries can also be used. But for safety and better results, for Panasonic cordless phones, we still recommend buying Panasonic’s own battery brand.

Panasonic Cordless Phone Batteries -

Where to Buy

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