Converting Pin Base (GU24) to Screw-in Bulb Socket (E26/E27)


Due to the design and decoration of a house, there are often many different light bulbs in a house, and different light bulbs might have different bases.

Common types of bases include traditional bayonet connections (Bayonet Base), screw connections (Screw Base), and Pin Base lights.

In North America, Bayonet Base type bulbs are rare now. The most commonly used ones are screw base bulbs, and pin base bulbs are also used in some decorative places.

Sometimes, when the pin base bulb needs to be replaced, suitable pin bulbs might not be easy to buy for a while, and the price may be relatively high, but screw base bulbs are available everywhere and are also cheaper. So we can buy one that will [converter pin base type to a screw-in base] (

Here we take an example from North America to illustrate how to convert the GU24 pin bulb base into an E26/E27 screw base

The following is GU24 bulbs vs E26 bulbs:

gu24 to e26

In order to install the E26 bulb into the GU24 socket, we need to purchase the following adapter. Its name is GU24 to E26 / E27 Adapter.

gu24 to e26

We used to search for such converters in local stores such as Home Depot and Canadian Tires, It was not easy for us to find a suitable adapter (maybe because we were not careful enough to find it?). Later, we could search on Amazon and found that there was more than one seller, and the price was not expensive.

We have chosen one. Below we purchased, there are eight in a pack. It is just around 12+ Canadian dollars.

gu24 to e26

The final installation looks like the following, just screw in the screw base bulb, and then install it on the pin bulb holder.

gu24 to e26

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