CLR Mold Mildew Stain Remover


After buying a house in Canada, we often have to face and deal with mold and mildew in the corner of the basement or bathroom, because those places are humid all year round and are prone to mold. There are also other places that are prone to mold such as the carpet.

We need some targeted household chemicals items to remove mold and mildew. There are many household hygiene products on the market, but they have different uses. We need to find out which ones can help us remove mildew.

What item can remove Mold and Mildew?

In Canada, people often use the following cleaner to remove mold, and it brings us very good results. It is CLR Mold Mildew Stain Remover, as shown below:

CLR Mold MIldew Stain Remover -

CLR Mold Mildew Stain Remover can remove stain mold and mildew, and, It is bleach-free, many people can't stand the smell of bleach, then this one is very suitable.

What surfaces can the CLR Mold Mildew Stain Remover be used on?

It may be used on Painted wall, Ceramic tile, Hardwood floor and baseboards, Fabrics, Glass, Metal, Brick, Concrete, Marble, Laminated countertops, fully cured and oil-based painted sufaces, Hard plastics, Automobile tires, Vinyl tops, Wood, Grout, and Fiberglass,

What surfaces can NOT the CLR Mold Mildew Stain Remover be used on?


Usage Directions:

1: Test on a small hidden area bedfore use especially: wallpaper, fabrics, plastics and fiberglass.

2: If excess mould and mildwew are present, wear heavy duty vinyl gloves and face mask to remove excess amounts. Use exhaust fan and open windows.

3: Saturate using sprayer and let sit on stain for 10 mins, Wipe off with a dry clean cloth. Older stains may require a second application .

For more usage methods and tips, please refer to CLR Official Page 1 and Web Page 2.

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