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No matter what kind of stove (Stove) we use, we need to clean the stove head after cooking. But when your stove head has thick dirt and oil stains that are difficult to remove, do you have good ways to get rid of them?

We had a misunderstanding that we always thought that a stove with flat glass burners were easier to clean compared with other stoves since the surface of this kind of burner looks very smooth.

But actually we were wrong. If the oil stains are not cleaned up in time, the flat glass burner stove top will still become very dirty, and they are difficult to remove.

Take a look at the horrible condition of this flat burner after the oil stains burned:

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

We used multiple methods such as using Soda, flour, vinegar, detergent etc. But none of them worked. Take a look at the picture below, they are some of the cleaners I have used but not worked:

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

Until we found one from Amazon called Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit which worked for my stove cleaning! The brand name is WEIMAN. It is only for a few dollars! And It is officially sold by Amazon.

This is the original box of Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit. It is a set of tools specially used to clean flat glass stoves.

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

The kit contains:

  • Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pad
  • Weiman Cook Top Cleaning Tool
  • Weiman Cook Top Razor Scraper.

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

The customer reviews of this clean kit are pretty good. Someone pointed out that the clean kit is specially designed to deal with the stubborn stains left by burnt food.

The most powerful one is the red scraper, which does not leave scratches on the flat stove top if you use properly. The material of the scraper seems to be aluminum, and it feels less sharp and smooth.

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

How does the Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit Work?

The following is the process we used, for reference only:

First we put Weiman Flat Stove Head Cleaner a little on the oil stain that needs to be removed, wait for a while, and then start scraping with the scraper.

We used the scraper relatively light at the beginning. First try only 1 stove burner. The knife is gently scraped from a 45 degree angle, we could see it really works! Those heavy stains could be coming down!

And there really are no scratches at all on the surface.

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

The first furnace burner was cleaned, but we felt some hard. Later we found a better way, the cleaner should have the effect of softening stubborn grease. In this case, We tried to apply the cleaner at night, and then cover it with a layer of plastic wrap. Wouldn't it be better to use a spatula the next day? The attached manual did not mentioned related information about it, but it was own own idea and we wanted to have a try.

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

As we imagined, in the next morning, we opened the covers and saw the stain has really been softened, it was much easier to scrape. Look, finally these stubborn dark circles all disappeared. We were so happy!

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit - smartbuy365.com

Summary of How to Use Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit (Unoffically):

  1. It is best to use the attached cleaner polish on the oil stain first, and then cover with plastic wrap and spend a night to let the stubborn stains soften, which will be easy to clean;

  2. The scrapper should be used at a 45-angle angle, don't scrape rudely. If the oil stain on the flat stove top is very thick, you can try to scrape it horizontally first but be carefully;

  3. If you are worried about scratching the flat surface furnace, you can find a small area and try it first. If you are sure that it will not scratch the flat surface furnace, you can try a large area;

  4. Do not use sharp tools such as steel wire balls or other kitchen knives to scrape, Use a right scraper like the one we introduced here;

When your flat stove head has recovered its original appearance through your efforts, you must remember to wipe off the oil stains immediately after cooking, and don't wait for a long time to let the oil stains to be thick, so you do not need to use this kit any more.

In addition, the sides and bottom of the cooking pot should be kept clean and oil-free at all times, so that the oil on the side and bottom of the pot will not flow to the flat stove after the cooking is heated.

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