Bosch Brake Pad Set Unboxing


I never thought I would order car brake pads online. But the COVID-19 epidemic has changed people's lifestyles, and the number and time restrictions imposed by car dealers or car repair shops, I was forced to order brake pads online Suit, and the result is pretty good.

When I order items on Amazon, I first choose the ones that are officially sold by Amazon. I found that Amazon also sells many auto parts and accessories, such as car brake pads and brake discs.

There is another benefit to buying auto parts on Amazon: Amazon will officially provide a free service called "Amazon Confirm Fit" on the current auto parts page. You only need to enter the model of your car, and this service will automatically detect the current accessory if it is suitable for your car.

The brake pad set that I ordered is Bosch BC1210 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set, a Ceramic type Brake Pads. It is officially sold by Amazon, according to the selling information, there are a lot of purchases, and the customer reviews are also very good. The price is also affordable, much cheaper than the brake pads I bought at the dealer.

Here are features of this brake pad:

  • Copper Free
  • Ceramic and Semi-Metallic
  • Advance Aerospace Alloy
  • Multi-layer rubber shim
  • Platform Specific
  • Hardware included
  • Engineered and Manufactured in North American
  • Ceramic Upgrade

Bosch Brake Pad Set Unboxing

Below is the box that I received Bosch Brake Pad Set Bosch Brake Pad Set. It looks quite good since it is officially sold by Amazon:

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

Here is what I saw after opening the box: two pairs of brake pads, and supporting hardware such as Clippers. There is also a small bag of lubricant.

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

I bought a pair of front brake pads of a car, and you can see that each brake pad has Shim:

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

This is a close-up view of Bosch BC1210 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad. It should be seen that it is ceramic:

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

The thickness of the brake pads can be seen in the picture below. Generally, the thickness of this new brake pad of Bosch is about 9.5mm (Note: The thickness of Toyota OEM brake pads is about 12mm, which is slightly thicker, but the noise is relatively large))

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

Bosch Brake Pad Set -

The above is the process I recorded for the unboxing of this brake pad.

Here is the official Bosch product page Link, you can see some of their production of brake pads.

Note! About installing Bosch Brake Pad Set

Regarding how to install this brake pad on your car, we strongly recommend that you take this brake pad set to a professional car repair shop (car garage), so that it is better that the machanic can install the brake pads for you.

If you are good at DIY, you can refer to some installation tutorials on YouTube to try. However, This website only introduct products, we do NOT recommend that you install the brake pads yourself. For all the consequences caused by your personal actions, this website will not responsible, because your personal behavior has nothing to do with us. Please put safety first!

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