2021 Black Friday Mobile Phone Plan


2021 Black Friday mobile phone plan information in Canada (continuous update)

Note: The information listed here is not all new plans that are provided by all communication operators, nor is SmartBuy365.com participated in.

We only collect mobile phone plans that looks like are good plans during Black Friday 2021:

1: $40 (possible $35 1st xx months) 12GB + 1000 international long distance minutes (before 2021 Nov 26)

This is a deal in the last few days, the price has not changed, but the mobile data has increased to 12GB. However, it is said that the conditions for getting $35 are a little bit harder than the previous few days, some people did not get it.

Some companies offer Refer discounts also, such as free bills for the first month (Fido), Virgin Plus offers $5~$10 for the first five months, and Koodoo offers $25 credits ($50 credits a few days ago).

The Costco Mobility counter also has 12GB for $40. As for whether there are other additional discounts, it is unclear. But if you purchase a mobile phone package, they give $100 to $200 Costco shopping card, which is very good.

Costco Mobility Black Friday

Note: Please try the negotiation includes the following conditions:

  • 12 GB for $40 or $35 in first xx months or Refer discount
  • Unlimited talk Canada-wide or better
  • Unlimted text world-wide
  • 1000 International long distance minutes
  • Activation Fee waived

2: $40 (possible $35 1st xx months) 10GB + 1000 international long distance minutes

This offer may expire after November 15.

Around the weekend of November 13th and 14th, the major Canadian telecom operators Bell, Rogers, Telus, Rogers have launched several early Black Friday discount plans, and all of their contracted subsidiaries have advertised, Such as Fido, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, etc., we can see relevant information in major shopping malls.

The main offer is $40 per month with 10G data (some stores use multiple discount plans to become $35 10G), unlimited talk in Canada and unlimited text to US and in Canada, and 1000 minutes of international long distance.

  • 10 GB for $40 or $35
  • Unlimited talk Canada-wide
  • Unlimted text world-wide
  • 1000 International long distance minutes
  • Activation Fee waived

However, no matter it is $40 10G or $35 10G, there are the following restrictions:

  • New line only
  • $35 first 12 months
  • $40 second 12 months
  • $50 after
  • Bring your phone

Actually this offer is from the $50 10GB plan, because there is a combination of a 24 months $10 off per month and a 12 months $5 off per month two discount plans, it becomes $35 10G plus 1000 minutes of international long distance.

Obviously, the $35 10G plan is temporary and can only be used for the first year. The good is that there is no contract, you can cancel the plan after 1 year (but you better to get confirmation in advance).

However, there are many mobile phone users who are still waiting and watching, because there is no one knows what Black Friday's new plan is, maybe some people are waiting for new mobile phone offers, not only mobile phone plans.


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